Sunday 25 March - "Art & the Great Hunger" Exhibition at Dublin Castle

This Sunday 25th March we are meeting at the “Coming Home: Art and the Great Hunger” exhibition in the Coach House Gallery in Dublin Castle. 

This temporary exhibition is the world’s largest collection of famine related art and is well worth a visit.  As well as the exhibition there is plenty more to see and sketch in Dublin Castle, both indoors and outdoors. 

Our starting point will be at the Coach House Gallery at 2pm.  At 4pm we will gather for refreshments and a chat at the Arlington Hotel on Dame Street

If you can’t find any sketchers at the beginning don’t worry … and if you’re late you won’t be the only one.  It’s Sunday afternoon and we’re not famous for our punctuality.  Just get started and keep your eyes open for other sketchers.

Hope to see you on Sunday. 

Sketches from National Gallery of Ireland 18-Mar-18

We had planned to visit the St Patrick's Festival Big Day Out at Merion Square on Sunday.  But a sudden blitz of snow and freezing temperatures scuppered the festival and persuaded most sketchers to stay at home.  Four hardy souls made it into town and found refuge at the National Gallery.  He are the results:






This Sunday 18th March we are meeting at Merion Square to enjoy the St Patrick’s Festival Big Day Out.  This is a vibrant day-long street carnival with music, theatre, aerial performances, puppet shows and comedy. 

Our starting point will be at the Oscar Wilde statue at 2pm.  It may be crowded, so don’t worry if you can’t find anyone immediately.  Just find something to draw and keep an eye out for other sketchers.

Our 4pm meeting point is Kennedy’s Pub on Westland Row for a warm drink and a chat.

The weather forecast for Sunday is cold but dry.  If the weather doesn’t suit us, we can retire to the National Gallery for some warmth.  As always, we can use WhatsApp to keep in touch with each other on the day. 

(If you would like to join our WhatsApp group, just send your phone number to or mention it to somebody on Sunday)

Hope to see you on Sunday.

Sketches from Dead Zoo

After sketching all the dead stuffed animals in the zoo, 
we came up with this creative effort in the pub.

Collective creative effort



Jessica G

Jessica Y









Dublin Sketchers 10th Birthday Bash ... RESCHEDULED

Due to a double booking at the pub...

We have to cancel the party in Jack Nealons on Saturday 10th March.

We will have the ...

Dublin Sketchers 10th Birthday Bash on Sunday 11th March from 4pm in The Duke pub on Duke Street.

Bring your sketchbook!

Sunday 11th March - Sketch Crawl inspired by James Joyce's Ulysses.

On Sunday 11th March, celebrating 10 years, Dublin Sketchers are going on a sketch crawl inspired by James Joyce's epic book about Dublin - Ulysses. 

Midday - meet and quick sketch at Foot Locker on O'Connell Street. 

Walk down to .....

12.30pm - meet and quick sketch on the board walk by O'Connell Bridge on the north side of the River Liffey.

Walk down to ...

1.15pm - meet and quick sketch under the columns of the Bank of Ireland on College Green.

Walk down to ...

2.15pm meet and quick sketch around Davy Byrne's pub on Duke Street.

Walk down to ...

3.15pm meet and sketch outside Masonic Lodge on Molesworth Street. Or continue to on to sketch at the National Library on Kildare Street. 

If you want, you can draw on the theme of the Lestrygonians chapter of James Joyce's Ulysses. This short video gives some low down on the chapter. You can also take inspiration from the Scylla and Charybdis chapter that takes place in the National Library. Here's a short video about it. Both are presented by John Singleton.

If you're joining in the Ulysses sketch book project, you might want to get a dedicated sketch book for it. Or work on A4 or A3 loose leaf pages. 

If it's your first time out .... bring your own paper and pens/pencils, turn up, say hello to anyone who looks like a sketcher and get stuck in! You'll meet everyone at 4pm over a drink in The Duke Pub on Duke Street.  

Ulysses sketchbook project 2018

Between February and June, Dublin Sketchers will get down and dirty with James Joyce. We’ll sketch in some of the places that appear in his big book Ulysses – a 700 page crazy epic that takes place on one day in Dublin in 1904. That day is celebrated every year as Bloomsday, 16th June. Here's an 18 minute intro to the whole book.

The Drawing on Joyce sketchbook project will take inspiration from Ulysses – the stories, the characters, the rumour and humour. We’ll sketch pubs, chemists and cafés. Parks, martello towers and cemeteries. The sketchbooks will be a record of time and place, now and then. They will reveal Ulysses, one drawing at a time.

The sketch books will be exhibited during the Bloomsday Festival. If you don’t want to exhibit your sketches, that is totally fine. Just come out with Dublin Sketchers as usual.
You can follow the development of the project on the website, and Twitter @DublinSketchers and @DrawingonJoyce.

If you can’t join the sketch crawls in Dublin, then tweet your related sketch during the week of the sketch out. Future project dates - Sunday 8th April, Sunday 13th May and Sunday 10th June.

(Coffee / refreshments  at McGrattans Pub at 4pm)

Hello  all,

This week's  sketch meeting  is, of course, weather permitting.

We are going  to  play  it  safe  and meet  at a central location: The Natural History  Museum   (The  Dead  Zoo) at 2pm. If the Museum  is closed we can move  to the  National  Gallery  of Ireland  just  down  the  street.

At 4pm  we'll  meet for  coffee  or a drink  at McGrattans Pub  on Fitzwilliam  Lane.

Keep  an eye on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp  in case any arrangements  need  to  be changed  at short notice .

(If you  would  like  to  join our WhatsApp  group , send  an email  to and we'll  add you  to the list)

We also  hope  as many  of you as possible  can join us on Saturday 10 March (8pm) in Jack Nealons Pub (upstairs) for the Dublin Sketchers 10 year Birthday Bash. Entry  is free and all are welcome.